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CALL US: 800-208-0219

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Join our work. Bless Israel, the true Ark and Refuge for His people.

It is our honor to serve you in becoming a friend of God’s people and His Covenant Land. Help us preserve the memory of more than 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust. Bring comfort and support to Israel, and thank you for praying for Jerusalem, the center of all creation and place of Messiah’s return.

  • Support and bring hope to Holocaust survivors, today’s victims of terror and their families.

  • Stand the gap in prayer and be a voice for Zion’s sake in your nation and government

  • Donate to support present day biblical heroes and causes on the front lines of current events in Bible prophecy.

  • Build a bridge of unity and comfort to God’s people.

  • Connect with the roots of our faith and prepare for Messiah’s coming as the Bride.

Oskar Schindler’s relationship with is workers is a symbol Christians who love and care for Israel and the Jews. We are together in God’s grand plan like Ruth to Naomi. What happens to the Jewish people and Israel affects the whole world.

As you support Israel, you and your family will be blessed. Just like Oskar, it was his Jews who saved him after the war when he became the refugee. God will bless you for your kindness, “I will bless those who bless you …” (Gen. 12:3).

Thank you for faithfully giving to Schindler’s Ark so together we can continue to support the people of Israel.


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Covenant Ring

This was given to Oskar from the gold of a worker’s teeth inscribed with the Talmud’s message “He who saves the life of one man, saves the world entire”.

Israel the ark

After the war, Israel became Oskar’s passion. He believed that if he could save the lives of his Schindlerjuden who he called his children, in the midst of the world’s worst killing centers, Auschwitz-Birkenau, then how much more was God going to save them when they are in His Haven. Oskar visited Israel much as he could and always received with a heroes welcome. His one request was to be buried in Jerusalem, close to his Jews and the Messiah’s coming. Oskar said, “My home is in Israel”.


Join us in the holy land and experience a modern miracle!


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