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Dr. Aharon York, the chairman of the assembling, opened it with words regarding the volunteering and leadership issue, bringing into notice insights from the social sociology and psychology. To his opinion, there are four different measures in order to inquire and examine leader's character:

  1. Mission-based leadership, which reinforces contents and assignments, as well as expressive leadership which takes care of the social texture.
  2. Authorized-democratic leadership, which deals with several and varied leadership styles, starting from authorized leadership, which is expressed by giving-out dictates, carried on with liberal leadership and "avoidable" leadership, which enables self-fulfillment of the group's friends' abilities.
  3. Regional leadership, which applies to a limited group, area, ex. and represents various abilities, as opposed to compulsive leadership, which specializes on one certain ability/topic, seeking ex-social relationships dealing with that one certain ability.
  4. Designing leadership and rewarding leadership. The rewarding leadership induces a vision, allowing the ones being lead to act in order to fulfill the leader's vision, whereas rewarding leadership is attentive to the leader's needs and acts correspondingly.

Dr. York then stated the roles of a leader which caries various tasks: a manager, a planner, a designer of policy, an information and skill source, the decider upon the organization's structure, the rewarding one as well as the punishing one, the arbitrator as well as the mediator, the representative (mainly when a leader of minority groups, where he/she is in charge of representing the group both inside and out), the one setting an example (exemplar) and the symbol.

In his concluding words, the speaker presented a reference ladder to volunteer work, whereas "leadership" is stated as the highest measure on the ladder. The initial measure is an expression of interest in the organization, then being part of a non-obligating activity, being part mixed with a feeling of being involved "in business". From here and on, the activity becomes methodical, systematic and obligating, leading to a revelation of an initiative which it's peak is leadership.

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Covenant Ring

This was given to Oskar from the gold of a worker’s teeth inscribed with the Talmud’s message “He who saves the life of one man, saves the world entire”.

Israel the ark

After the war, Israel became Oskar’s passion. He believed that if he could save the lives of his Schindlerjuden who he called his children, in the midst of the world’s worst killing centers, Auschwitz-Birkenau, then how much more was God going to save them when they are in His Haven. Oskar visited Israel much as he could and always received with a heroes welcome. His one request was to be buried in Jerusalem, close to his Jews and the Messiah’s coming. Oskar said, “My home is in Israel”.


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